Data Migration Services

Are you planning to migrate your server to a new server or to a new DC?
We in ArabHosters provide Server Migration service with low risk persentage on your data and zero downtime, That by using Live Migration technology which inovated by our professinal team.
Send your query about our Live Migration service and we will help you all the best.

Our migration services features

Complete Migration

Migrate your every content, whether its your emails, data files or database files. Don’t leave anything behind!


Your visitors will not even realise you are migrating, everything is done live without any downtime of your server.


We will make sure all services have the same configuration as the old server, so that all your settings are migrated along with your data.

Fast Migration

Our Migration Services are swift and fast, your server wont just be up all through the process of migration, but the process will be done in no time.


Your entire LAMP server will be migrated in no time, with all its settings and all its features in matter of minutes, simply we support LAMP!


We offer you server migration of your all your cPanel components as well as migrating the entire server in matters of minutes.

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− Yazeed AlGhuraibi | Rayz

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