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About Arabhosters

ArabHosters was founded in the year 2006 by server and hosting professionals and has become a long way since, making us one of the top service providers in the Arab world.
ArabHosters is one of the leading companies in hosting, Security and technical support in the Arab world, ArabHosters has a strong customer base of the top websites in the Arab World, that now have a monthly traffic in millions.
Through many years of hard work and dedication from the ArabHosters team to provide high-end quality services and top-notch support to our clients, the company was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate.

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Our Vision

There is a rapid development in the web solutions, cloud computing and Information Security in all businesses and communities around the world to unlock new communication channels and improve the way people connect. ArabHosters accepts the challenge in becoming the leading organization in the field of web technology and security in the region.

Our Mission

Our aim is to change how people, specially websites and business owners, use hosting, management and security services by enabling technology and providing top of the line server management, cloud and hosting solutions, helping them stay secure and stable.

Why Arabhosters Team


We’re turned on by new ideas and new technology. And whether we’re providing free infrastructure for open source projects and events, investing in creative innovators around the world, or advocating for a more open Internet, we put our money where our mouths (and hearts) are. It’s the same spirit that’s driven us to develop our own products.


Ask our customers why they choose Arabhosters, and you’ll hear about our stellar, end-to-end service and support. Our support teams are here 24/7/365 by chat, phone, or support request to answer your questions and keep your sites up and running. Supporting customers is how 90% of our staff spend their time.


Your site is your business and you want to grow your business. As things get busier and your site gets more traffic, we can help. The ArabHosters team can always help you with optimizing your network and server infrastructure as you grow. ArabHosters has a name with a lot of experience and a team with a team of personnel that is highly qualified, our team is always standing by to assist you with you at any time.


AT ArabHosters, security comes first!. ArabHosters are known to be leaders in the area of security, our servers are not only secured against the up-to-date attacks, they are also monitored 24/7, with certified personnel who are working around the clock to keep your servers 100% secured.


ArabHosters promises you a response to your questions within 10 minutes. That’s 10 minutes regardless of the time, day, month. The server experts at ArabHosters are always ready and able to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


The entire ArabHosters team is dedicated to details. We don’t simply fulfill orders, we make sure that all your needs are met completely, 100% of the time with extreme Precision. We know you’re paying us for perfection, and that’s exactly what we deliver!


When you compare the real costs, ArabHosters gives you more for your money. Faster hardware, smarter software and services, and top-notch support might cost a few more money, but we think they’re worth it.


“Do you support it?” We get asked this question many times and mostly we answer it with a big YES!, we support almost anything that is server related!


Because of years of hard work and dedication from the ArabHosters team to provide high end quality services and top notch support to our clients , the company was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate in 2007.

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