Amazon Cloud Management

Server Management is a place where ArabHosters excel at a level beyond imagination. If you have a server and you have a hard time keeping it up or supporting it, then server management is your solution, let us handle all your technical issues, maintenance and support for your server management.
Our server management services is handled by over qualified personnel who are available 24/7 to manage your servers. ArabHosters History started as the only and leading server management company in the Arab World.

Complete AWS Management

We understand the technological landscape to make smart businesses smarter and efficient, leveraging the entire capability of AWS requires expertise and skills sets, with years of industry experience in the field of infrastructure technology. Our AWS solutions deliver quick deployment, automation and maintenance of your system. Many organizations seek professional services and experts to deploy their AWS cloud system, so that they can focus on their critical business avenues.

24/7 Support

At ArabHosters we offer our marvelous support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 356 days a year. So we are always standing by for any requests from our valued customers at any time. Our Support team consists of highly certified personnel who are willing to the extra mile to please our customers

24/7 Monitoring

All our servers are 24/7 monitored against any suspicious activity that may be caused by different factors, we are sure that our monitoring will always keep the clients servers safe, reliable and always up and running at the desired speed and power.


When it comes to server management we believe that customer data is the most important thing you must keep it, so we prepare a backup system to keep the customer files are available on a daily and weekly, monthly and external backup system.

Proper Setup/Preparation

The processing infrastructure is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of the server, so ArabHosters provide better infrastructure processing to provide the best performance and meet the client requirements .

Innovative Migration

We believe in the availability as long as possible so ArabHosters uses innovative technology (Live Migration) to transfer servers and reduce site down to visitors and make sure of their safety.

MySQL Optimization

We are care about MySQL processing and know how much its effect of web server performance so we are optimized and tuning Mysql to provide best performance.

WebServer Optimization

We will analyze your server and detect what is causing it to slow down, and we will optimize it, then we will fine tune every small detail to make your server go at lightning speeds!

Login Security

Protection system to identify and secure access to services that can cause dangers on the server, such as server control panel and shell connection, server management is vital for security




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Pro-Active Support

24/7 Monitoring

Services Monitor

Safe Browsing Diagnosis
Website Content Monitoring

System Administration and Performance

Supported Operating Systems

Custom-designed solution according to your unique business requirements

Manage operating system and services updates

Data Migration

Manage Server Accounts

System / Service Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Capacity and operational management

3rdparty software installation

System/Kernel Tuning

Service Performance tuning

Cache System

Enhanced lockdown audit

Advanced System configurations – Solutions

Clustering and high-availability configurations
Load balancing
Database Replication




Server Hardening

Amazon Cloud Based Security Group
SSH User Access
System Hardening
Service Security Hardening
Spam Protection
Pro-Active compliant patch management
Hardening for preventing SYN/DOS attack
BruteForce Protection
WAF (Web Application FireWall)
Malware/Virus Scanning/Detection

Backup and DisasterRecovery

Backup Job scheduling
Re Attempt failed backup jobs
Automated Backup integrity check



Free Remote Backup


Support and SLA

24/7 Access to our experienced system administrators
Data Center incidents handling
Account Manager
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"It was not an easy decision to move the hosting of a big portal such as fatakat from an excellent American company to an Arab company, they had excellent support. what really caught our attention about ArabHosters is their initiative to find innovative solutions to any issues we faced. I'll always recommend ArabHosters."

− Mohammed Hossam | Fatakat

"I wanted to send this message to saw thank you to every member of an amazing work team who are dedicated to innovation, they made me feel that they are all one person working with the same level of professionalism and dedication, you are all great, keen and innovative, all my deepest gratitude on your more than amazing services."

− Saad Al-Khodeiry | Abunawaf Network

"We started with iPhone Islam site was difficult to focus on site content and also support our servers, so we looked for a company may maintain and protect servers, we find ArabHosters is the best option for us, simply speak our language and understand the Arab user need. Working for years with ArabHosters who are always ready to make our site in the best case."

− Tarek Mansour | Iphone Islam