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Since the founding of ArabHosters  and for a decade ArabHosters has led the hosting Arab market and put firm foundations and scientific for the services..Which gave ArabHosters competitive advantage to be one of the best and fastest growthing arab companies..ArabHosters Aims to raise the level of web hosting services which provided to the Arabian user and contribute to the development of Arabic content through reliable service.

What is Web Hosting?

Website hosting is a technology that makes your website a part of the internet where internet users can visit it anytime around the world. this service guarantees you hosting your files,data and email address online through arabhosters hosting servers.

What are the basis for making a website?

  1. Domain: It’s the website name where internet users can find you through.
  2. Hosting:It’s the server that stores your files ,installs your data and handles the website visitors.
  3. CMS: Content Management System is the software that shows your data and design with the look that suits your visitors and your site type.

what is the most suitable hosting service?

To determine what is the most suitable hosting service for your website we have to answer first several questions :

what is your website working system?
You have to know your website system whether it’s windows based or linux based and what are the requirements to operate the website.

what is the average monthly visitors ?
Traffic is one of the factors that affects on the selection of a suitable hosting service because every visit requests several orders on the server that requires enough resources to reply on the amount of order that are being received that’s why it’s a very important factor when selecting a hosting service.

How much data is stored on the website?
If your website is serving audio/video content. it needs large storing space to keep the website data and files, there’s another website type that serves blogs and it needs performance rather than storage solution.

But if your website is new then you can start with shared hosting service because most of starting websites don’t receive large amount of visits and it doesn’t have big files that’s why shared hosting is the best and the plans differs in the amount of resources that server allow the website to use.

Can i Upgrade my hosting service later?

Definitely ! All of the websites expands on the internet that’s why arabhosters provides flexibility of upgrading whether in servers hosting or websites hosting.

I got scammed before.What guarantees me that the service will continue as agreed?

ArabHosters will make your website faster than ever..we have experts who are ready to help you delivering innovative solutions helping you get an amazing fast browsing.


ArabHosters Values Innovation, that is why all our services are innovated for you.


At ArabHosters Security comes first, we continuously improve our security standards


Our key in marketing is Word of Mouth, a respected name trusted by the top sites in the Arab world.


ArabHosters has the experience to grow as your site grows with you , trust our experts.


We value precision, all our services and products are made precisely to meet your needs.


We provide 24/7/365 live Help to all our clients, no matter what their inquiry is.

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