Database Clustering/Replication

Database Cluster is designed around a distributed, Multi-Master ACID architecture that eliminates any points of failure. Database Cluster uses automatic partitioning(called auto sharding) to scale out read and write operations on hardware and can be accessed through an API for MySQL, NoSQL or SQL. with Database Clustering from ArabHosters you will never have a single points of failure in your database structure, as always ArabHosters provides optimum reliability.


Database Replication

Replicate the database through master and slave relationship to make sure your data is accessible 24/7 and reliable.

Auto Sharding

Database is automatically partitioned across commodity nodes, allowing scale-out of queries, without changes.

Hybrid Storage

Hybrid databases are typically deployed to retain the high performance and reliability of the database.

Dedicated Resources

Each node is independent and self-sufficient,there is no single point of contention across the system. More specifically, none of the nodes share memory or disk storage.


Use the API for any service you need to read from your database, using the SQL or NoSQL APIs..

MySQL Cluster Manager

Enjoy the best cluster manager which allows you to control automated management, monitoring and self recovery and high availability Operation.

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