ArabHosters Terms of service

In this document are the terms and conditions of using the services of “ArabHosters for complete web solutions”, which will be referred to as “ArabHosters” only in the following sections.

General Agreement :

  • ArabHosters has the right to suspend or cancel client services or parts of it, if the client has been abusing the services, and ArabHosters holds the right to decline or refuse to serve the service.
  • Any illegal activities, which includes storage or distribution of any copyrighted materials such as games and others, any violation of authoring rights, distribution and trade marks, or any violation of the Arab Republic of Egypt law, or any selling or distribution on any illegal materials.
  • Any abuse internet services such as sending unwanted e-mails or distribution of any programs by mail, or sending large amounts of mail to many mailing lists (spam) , or publishing obscene messages, or threat messages or incitement messages, or religiously abusive messages.

Disclaimer :

  • ArabHosters is not responsible for any damages that are caused to the client, and we do not provide any type of guarantees, general or service specific.
  • Using our services is the sole responsibility of the client, ArabHosters does not guarantee that the services will be free from interruptions or mistakes, however ArabHosters will work hard to offer security and stability of its servers to reach the minimal downtime.
  • The client does not have the rights to claim any compensation from ArabHosters for not being able to use the services, which includes, but not only, the following :
  • Service Downtime
  • Issues caused by misuse of the service
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • DNS related issues
  • Hacking or sabotage attempts

Violation of the Privacy agreement or ToS

  • If a client Violates the ToS, Privacy Agreement, SLA or the reservations of ArabHosters, ArabHosters has the right to to terminate the client account without prior notice, and without any reimbursements of any paid fees.
  • In the case of any attempt to damage ArabHosters, including, but not only, the following: ArabHosters system and services, its reputation, its commercial work, its services, its network and its operations and equipment , that person will be legally liable for any damages.
  • The client does not have the right to defame ArabHosters or its ownership or employees, the client has the right to the competent authorities in Egypt, any defaming in any way gives the full right to ArabHosters to cancel the contract and to refuse to provide the service to that client.
  • It is strictly prohibited to resell without an official written permission from the management of ArabHosters, unless the client was an official reseller for ArabHosters.
  • To ensure the protection and security of our client data and its secrecy to the maximum level, we have added a security question and answer available in the client control panel at our portal, to ensure the identity of the client when requesting or viewing any sensitive information or in the case of any security breach of the e-mail that you used to register your membership, or the loss of your e-mail for any reasons, that is why we highly request our clients to select a secret question and answer to ensure that our services are working at the maximum secrecy level.
  • We highly stress that the client is solely responsible for for securing and keeping your account, and is also responsible for the for all the activities done using that account, or any communications done with ArabHosters though that account, or any sub-account of it.
  • ArabHosters holds the right to cancel the account of any client without stating reasons, but reimbursing any remaining fees.
  • Circumvention: any attempt of circumvention or an attempt to work around any of our technologies used in the members area, is considered violation of the ToS and the account will be suspended as this wastes the technical and administrative  time of ArabHosters.


Financial transactions, accounts and Bills :

Payment Methods :

  • Online: ArabHosters accept credit card payments (Visa. MasterCard) through available trust payment Gateway (2CheckOut) or payment via Paypal, CashU.
  • Bank transfers: (Al Ahly Bank – Al Rajhi Bank – Emirates NBD “in Dubai”).
  • From within Egypt (Vodafone Cash – Conversion mailed Egypt – direct deposit bank Emirates NBD).
  • Global Transactions: WesternUnion.

Payments :

  • Full payment must be received before activation of any service.
  • ArabHosters ProRata-based billing system is automatically adjecting your payment date to the standard payment date “the beginning of the month” so you are pro-rated until the next standard payment date.
  • Prorata system applied on monthly payment services.
  • Monthly license is excluded from prorata system.
  • A full payment must be received before offering any hosting services.
  • ArabHosters is not responsible of any customer support outside of the official system supported by our website with any person; note that support is only acceptable through our ticket system not through personal emails or any other method.
  • ArabHosters is not responsible for any transactions or deposits done outside our official accounts shown on our websites
  • ArabHosters is not responsible for any errors in transactions or bank deposits.
  • We accept payments through bank transactions to our official accounts only, please note that accepting payments is from 9 am to 5:30 pm Cairo time.
  • ArabHosters not responsible for any failures occur in the conversion process by the bank.
  • It does not confirm the payment through 2checkout for new customers only after approval 2checkout.
  • Customer compel the conversion of his personal account in the case of the opposite must be attached to the receipt until it is emphasized:
  • It must when you deposit any amount for the payment of any bill that you confirm the deposit and let us know within a period not more than 48 hours, with the knowledge that he must depositor name is the same as the owner of organic name for easy confirmation of the transfer will be in the event is therefore necessary to attach a proof of identity until the confirmation and pay the bill .
  • The customer has seven days before the due date of the invoice due to the renovation and when converting the amount to ArabHosters must provide us with data placement in a ticket to the accounts department to renew the service as soon as and properly.
  • It is sent a reminder to a customer within 7 days and is a repayment period of your own and if payment is not made before the deadline. The services of your account will be closed for a week until payment in case of non-payment automatically delete your account and will not be responsible for the loss of any data or service interruptions without reporting.
  • In the case of dedicated servers for the client is informed by technical support, e-mail tickets during a 7-day repayment period as your own, and if payment is not made before the deadline will be canceled without a data backed up and be the customer’s responsibility.
  • Stop sites in the cloud hosting service after 15 days and the account is automatically canceled after 30 days without any liability whatsoever on the Arabs the hosts. In the case of retrieval site if a backup is available to pay 30% fine delay.

Extra services and add-ons :

  • You can add any extra services at any time.
  • Paid costs are non-refundable regardless of using this service or not.

Credit cards :

  • The fees will be counted in real time for the current period and the next period till the end of the duration of the bill.
  • Services will be activated when the fees are paid and confirmed from our accounting department.

Renewals and Bill Management :

  • The client has 7 days to renew before the bill is due, and when the transfer is complete the client must notify us with the deposit details in a ticket to the customer service department to renew for the next billing cycle.
  • When the client deposits payments, you must confirm the deposit and notify Receivable Department through Ticket system in a period not more than 48 hours.
  • A reminder will be sent to the client’s mail in a period of 7 days this is regarded as the billing period, if the payment is not received before this time the account will be automatically de-activated.
  • The payment must be received fully otherwise no services will be activated.
  • If you know that you cannot be on the internet or on a vacation and cannot communicate with us or pay your bills, make sure you notify us before the issuing of the bill you can pay the bills before it’s issued or add a deposit to your account to cover your bill.
  • Deposits inside of Saudi Arabia are accepted only through Al-Rajhi bank.
  • ArabHosters holds its right to change the prices at anytime, and the contents of this agreement can be changed also in order to preserve their rights and the rights of customers.
  • All transactions must be in American Dollars, it’s the official currency for ArabHosters.
  • The client is obliged to pay for the service at the time he requests it.

Failure of a credit card :

  • The system sends notifications constantly before the date of payment on the e-mail solutions.
  • In the case of non-payment, the system will automatically stop the service and ArabHosters become not responsible to provide the service.
  • ArabHosters may retain a copy of the customer’s site for a certain period not exceeding a month – maximum – and as a service driven by the desire to be repaid when the processing of this version to ensure that the customer sites Data longest period possible after the transfer or cancellation.

Checks :

  1. Fees cannot be refunded after the check is cashed.
  2. Checks are delivered only at ArabHosters head office which registered in the website.
  3. If the bank refused to cash the check (no credit), the service is stopped and a complaint is issued to the responsible authorities immediately.

Reactivating the account :

  • If an account is cancelled upon request of the client or due to non payment and the customer wants to re-activate their account, ArabHosters may retain a copy of the customer’s site for a certain period (If available) we will reactivate the account after paying the bill for renewal only, but if the client wants to get this version of the site and transferred to another host he must pay a certain fee.
  • If the account was canceled due to a policy violation ArabHosters will activate the account again and will not be responsible for any data in this account.

Refund :

  • All service charges paid are non-refundable.
  • If ArabHosters decided to end customer’s account due to a violation of the privacy policy, there will be no recovery of the amount paid.
  • Monthly fees associated with additional services are non-refundable.
  • Fees for software licenses are non-refundable.
  • Booking fees and domain transfer are non-refundable.
  • In the case of the client contrary to the conditions of service for software and software licenses are not incurring any liability on ArabHosters.
  • Money back guarantee system for website hosting service within 30 days for a new client.
  • In the case of registering in one of Website hosting plans, the customer is entitled to cancel the plan and the restoration of the full amount, without giving any reason, on condition of violation of the client or account for any of the conditions and the laws of Terms of the company (ArabHosters), and that the request to cancel the service and money back within 30 days of the effective date of subscription.

Canceling Services :

  • ArabHosters reserves the right to terminate the customer’s service at any time. If the account has been closed due to the violation of our privacy policy and it there would be no compensation.
  • Customers can cancel the service at any time within the limits of our own conditions and requests should be sent to the customer service department via ticket.
  • If the client requests to cancel, his account is cancelled  immediately unless there are special conditions by ArabHosters and therefore we have the right to terminate the service without notice.
  • If the account has been canceled due to non-payment of a special server or default, or shared hosting ArabHosters reserves the right to delete the contents of the site without notice and re-provision the server or space to another client.

ArabHosters not considered responsible for any damage directly or indirectly resulting from the use of various services are not considered liable clients irregularities.

Update 30Aug 2015