DDoS Protection

Have you ever been a victim of DDoS attacks? DDoS attacks are attacks where a server is over-flooded with requests beyond its capabilities which cause the server to crash, with ArabHosters you can be protected against DDoS attacks and your server will be able to mitigate those attacks while they occur, and your site will be up and running without any interruptions! ArabHosters will help you keep your website up and running while minimizing any downtime!. You will get a lot of benefits from our DDoS Protection, like blocking the attacker IP(s) from connecting to your server and mitigate any DDoS attacks in the future


Minimal Downtime

Being Proteced from DDoS Attacks means you will not get flooded with attacks and you will get your site protected.

Block Attacker

The IP of the attacker will be permanently blocked, there will no longer be any attacks from the same source again

Full Mitigation

Fully avoid any attacks of any sort of DDoS, which means that the incoming attack will be fully blocked and your site is unaffected

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